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Part 1: The Bamboo Monkey Baby

I’ve recently been visited by a couple of old and familiar ghosts which have wafted over here from Southeast Asia.  I thought that these spirits from the past were buried in the place where I left them, a place where I served in the US Army as a young enlisted man, and ten years later as a humanitarian aid worker.  But it seems that I must once again call up memories of that particular patch of God’s green earth, a 30-kilometer swath of jungle scratched out along the Thai-Cambodian border, just north of the town of Aranyaprathet in eastern Thailand.  I may otherwise get no peace.

Part 2: The Bamboo Monkey Baby

Ten years later, I showed up for the second time in that very same patch of jungle and red laterite roads where I spent time with the US Army.  But this time, things were different.  I brought a new me, with me.  In fact, I had no idea that I’d somehow be back ten years later, although I had that country and its sad story stuck in the corner of my mind for the decade I was away.  I had watched as the shitstorm unfurled in Cambodia when Phnom Penh fell and the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975.  I knew well the places that were bearing the brunt of Pol Pot’s terrorist campaigns.

Discussions on Faith

Discussions on Faith: My Next Writing Project

I’ve had a second novel in draft form for some time now.  Again, it has a religious theme. The premise for the story occurs at the confluence of Christianity and Buddhism — a place I am drawn to, for reasons beyond my current understanding.  I like to tinker around at the fringes of orthodoxy, in places which are often a long way from the comfort zone of many fellow Catholics.  It is as place where the language is rough and the characters undeserving.